These English beers originated during the colonial era in the second half of the 18th century.
Indeed, the classic British ales needed a lot of hops as a natural preservative to cope with the long sea voyages before reaching the Indian colonies (hence the name ‘India pale ale’).
Due to its great success in the colonies in the first half of the nineteenth century, this style also spread to England.
In recent years, ipas have become one of the most popular styles with consumers and a number of sub-genres have emerged, some of which are described below:
-American ipa which are made with American hops
-white ipa which are produced using wheat
-black ipa which are made with dark malts
-session ipa which are light and drinkable
-new england ipa which are juicy and extremely hoppy
Classic English ipas have a golden yellow color.
They have hints of malt and herbaceous aromas.
They have a balanced and bitter taste

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it is a New England Ipa, it has an opalescent yellow color and a creamy...

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